Steve Waugh  Out of my comfort zone

Steve Waugh Out of my comfort zone

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STEVE WAUGH, a name which needs no introduction in the present day of cricket. A man who taught the art of "aggressive cricket" to the cricketing community. His autobiography is nothing more than a manifestation of cricketing passion in his heart and hunger to perform in his belly. It is a consolidated journey of how a rookie with many a self doubt transformed himself into a legend of his era.

The privilege of writing the foreword to a legend's life was presented to the wall, Rahul Dravid and Steve's friend forever Tim May. Dravid recalled his first observation of Steve during the 1987 world cup and went on explaining his first encounter with Steve at the Firozshah Kotla a decade later. He also cherished receiving of the winning boundary ball from Steve and had no hesitation in acknowledging the pain of not defeating Australia in Steve's last test at SCG.

Unlike other biographies, the introduction does not have details of Steve's birth, childhood etc but consists of two very important moments of his long spread international cricketing career, one was an exhibition match against Hongkong XI where a disturbing innervoice told him "you aren't good enough" and second was the world cup winning moment at Lords' in 1999. Here Steve observed that life would not be as enjoyable if its always easy and that personal growth comes from having to move out of our comfort zone. May be thats the reason for naming his autobiography as "OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE".

Overall, out of my comfort zone certainly deserves a place in our shelf even if you carry mildest of interest in cricket. If you are not then it shows you all the furnaces one should pass through to be called as a "CHAMPION"