Toyboy  Holly Hill

Toyboy Holly Hill

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Quality - Used.

Condition - Good.

After her adventures being a Sugarbabe, Holly Hill decided to turn the tables and hire a toyboy who would do for her what she had done for her sugar daddies.
Toyboy sought by attractive, educated, 40-year-old woman who wants to explore the other side of an equation. I will pay a generous weekly allowance for regular visits to the home of an accomplished cook, confidante and lover. Whilst not essential; youth, humour, looks and intelligence will be well-regarded… . Anonymity will be assured.
Holly Hill made a surprising discovery when she ran her ad for a toyboy - not only did she have many fewer applicants for the position than she’d had for a sugar daddy, but a lot of the “boys” who responded were lying about their age. As well as their relationship status. And, their height, weight, and physical attractiveness. So much for gorgeous young men willing to do her bidding! Just as her cause seems hopeless, a chance encounter sends her down a road she had never considered traveling. On her journey through self doubt and dismay at men in the modern world-not to mention questioning the principles she had developed during her sugarbabe days - she finds a wellspring of darkness within her that had been untapped for far too long. Her experiences challenge everything she once believed about her identity and, especially, her sexuality, taking her right to the edge.