Z for Zanto By Jayne Lyons

Z for Zanto By Jayne Lyons

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Even zombies can dream

Zanto dreams of playing soccer for Real Magique. The problem is that no team wants you when you’re green and have fangs!  

Along with the rest of the zombie-kids, Zanto and his friend Nala, a stick-twirling UFC fan, are sent to The Island. They live behind high wire fences—with no hope of a future.  

When Il Presido announces the Hope Games for children, Zanto’s dream of scoring in a cup final is revived.  But first, he must lead his friends on a daring escape from The Island.  And even if they succeed, will he convince the world that being green doesn’t make him dangerous?

"Z for Zanto is a high-Octane thrill-ride into a dystopian, not-too-distant future that will keep you on the edge of your seat from Go to ‘Woahh- are those huge, spit-dripping fangs my brother’s???’

I give it 5 Manic Dead Zombies."

- Stephen Curry, Australian comedian

To celebrate Book Week 2020, upon purchasing this book you will receive a link to a printable mask’s of Zanto and Nala complete with costume suggestions and instructions.

All proceeds of this book go to Save the Children - Learn More