Curries Of The World  Mridula Baljekar

Curries Of The World Mridula Baljekar

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Over 140 traditional curry recipes, including classic and well-known dishes and unusual regional specialities. Over 450 glorious colour photographs show you exactly what you are aiming to achieve and make successful cooking easy. The definitive guide to mouth-watering, authentic curries from India, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines. In its practical stand-alone format, this book is a delight to use even when your hands are covered in flour, spice or fat. The book brings together famous curry recipes from all over the world and shows how to make them perfectly, using detailed, easy-to-follow photographic instructions in a practical step-by-step format, plus essential cook's tips throughout. Includes a fabulous collection of meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian curries, rices, noodles and breads, pickles, chutneys, raitas and sambals, and advice on ingredients, techniques and preparation.