Pasta  Every Way For Every Day  Eric Treuille  Anna Del Conte

Pasta Every Way For Every Day Eric Treuille Anna Del Conte

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French chef and cooking teacher Eric Treuille and Italian food expert Anna Del Conte have joined forces for a Pasta cookbook that will change the way you eat. The emphasis is on widely available ingredients, fuss-free recipes and time-saving tips. Pasta is convenience food for busy people who want to live and eat well but don't have time to spend long hours in the kitchen. Forget junk food. Forget ready-made meals. Everything about Pasta has been tailored to meet the needs of today's time-pressed cooks. You select recipes according to what's in the cupboard or what's in season -- recipes are organized by ingredient. You can tell at a glance which recipe suits your schedule -- no-cook, quick-cook & slow-cook categorize recipes according to cooking time. Hectic lives mean home cooks need to plan ahead. With each recipe, think ahead tips tell you what can be done in advance, including storage and freezing times. Pasta proves that fast food doesn't have to be takeout when you have pasta in the pantry. With Eric and Anna's store-cupboard standbys on hand, quick-fix meals will never pose problems again!