The Wrong Doyle  Robert Girardi

The Wrong Doyle Robert Girardi

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Tim Doyle - wanderer, womaniser, drinker - has been summoned home to remote Wassateague Island, Virginia. His salt-of-the-earth surrogate father, Uncle Buck, is dead and has left a bizarre legacy: a dilapidated mini-golf course and broken down bar on land which, three centuries ago, was the lair of a notorious piratical ancestor.

Tim is eager to settle in, but shenanigans quickly ensue in the form of death threats, arson, gunplay and possumicide. Unravelling the secret of his patrimony will bring Tim in contact with a motley and outrageously bizarre cast of characters: classically educated rednecks, rabid Fish & Wildlife cops, gay Irish gangsters, stoned developers, crazy ex-girlfriends and Buck's former mistress, the delectably trashy Maggie Peach.

By turns gripping, lyrical, provocative and shot through with macabre humour, this long awaited novel from a critically acclaimed novelist bears Robert Girardi's trademark historical outlook and has much to say about the predicament of modern America.