New Crafts Polymer Claywork  Mary Maguire

New Crafts Polymer Claywork Mary Maguire

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Polymer clay is a marvellous medium for making decorative objects. Its main advantage over natural clay is that it is available in a rainbow of different shades, from pale to primary and fluorescent to metallic. This book illustrates the remarkable repertoire of today's craft artists, from sculptural pieces, frame surrounds and ornamental eggs to miniature figures, decorative door knobs and sumptuous accessories. By following the 25 step-by-step projects, you can create intricate millefiori beads, an ornate mirror surround, a delicate mermaid figure, fluorescent tableware and delightful toy furniture. A techniques section describes the skills and equipment needed, including the different kinds of polymer clays available. This book presents this wonderful craft in an instructional and bright contemporary form.