The Landing,  Susan Johnson

The Landing, Susan Johnson

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In one swift, blindsiding move, Johathan Lott's wife leaves him.  what he and his daughters find even more confusing is that she has left hi for a woman.  How is it possible that Jonathan saw no sign of her unhappiness?

Wondering what he will do now, and knowing a life lived alone is not for him, Jonathan retreats to his beach house at The Landing.  Is it true that an about-to-be-divorced man in possession of a good fortune is in need of a new wife?  Would Penny Collins do, divorced herself, a school teacher and frustrated artist?  What about beautiful wild Anna, blown in form who knows where, trailing broken marriages behind her?

With passion, family splits and secrets, everyone seems to be looking for something.  And Johathan's about to find out how much love matters.

Susan Johnson's stunning new novel, written with her trademark wit and insight, brilliantly observes what it is to be human and to love: the betrayals, the long and short alliances, the disappointments and the joys.  The Landing celebrates it all.