The Submissive  Tara Sue Me

The Submissive Tara Sue Me

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Abby King has a secret fantasy, and it's about to come true. The city of New York knows Nathaniel West as CEO of a powerful corporation, but Abby knows he's more. Nathaniel lives by a set of exacting rules. From the boardroom to his bedroom, he must be obeyed - and any woman wanting to be part of his life must submit to his will. When Abby finally meets Nathaniel and agrees to wear his collar, she has everything she's ever wanted - or so she thinks. Nathaniel drives her to new heights of pleasure and introduces her to a glamorous world of power and privilege she knows only through the social pages. Heeding Nathaniel's commands is never hard - but before long Abby wants more. Her master's rules don't allow for negotiation - but the heart never plays by the rules and love is the most extreme fantasy of all. An online phenomenon, The Submissive is the original that inspired a new genre. Already read, and re-read, by millions around the world, it is now available in print for the first time.