Baby Setting Program Dr Harry Zehnwirth Pediatrician MB BS FRACP

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Hard cover.

A Manual and a soundtracks CD.

Developed and written by Dr Harry Zehnwirth, an experienced Pediatrician. The program is dramatically different to lullabies, and includes the reassuring and practical book about irritability and health issues in your young baby. Blended and layered sounds to distract, engage and soothe unsettled babies. It is the essential baby settling program. Visit to see testimonials, media appearances and the program in action! The tracks are a unique combination of sounds that distract, engage and then soothe a crying baby. What's the difference between these sounds and others, such as lullabies? Put simply, they work! The whole program includes the proven Sounds for Silence Soundtracks, plus a no-nonsense Parenting Manual that cuts through the outdated conventions and beliefs of child rearing. Be reassured and uplifted, and realize that you are not alone. All young babies have fussy, crying periods. Read this book before you start to panic!