Chestnut hill All For Nothing  Lauren Brooke

Chestnut hill All For Nothing Lauren Brooke

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Lauren Brooke's sixth book in this exceptional boarding school series continues with a new tale of friendship, competition, boys, and--of course--horses.

Malory has a natural gift for riding, so it's no surprise that she's invited to try out for an exclusive summer riding team. But there are always hurdles. Malory needs to find a horse to ride, compete against her classmates for a spot, and deal with the fact that Caleb - the boy she's liked all year - is trying out as well. It doesn't help that things with Caleb have been tricky as of late, and that joining the team would mean leaving her father and Tybalt for the summer. Malory has always been methodical and reasonable, but even she struggles to make the decision that is right.