About Z for Zanto


"Z for Zanto is a high-Octane thrill-ride into a dystopian, not-too-distant future that will keep you on the edge of your seat from Go to ‘Woahh- are those huge, spit-dripping fangs my brother’s???’

Jayne Lyons has created an incredibly gripping, poignant and at times hilarious story about facing your fears, standing up for what you believe in and the importance of never ‘judging a book by its cover’. Created in collaboration with Save The Children, Z for Zanto poignantly echoes the real-life plight of children displaced, through no fault of their own, all around the world. This stunning book reminds us that we can chase our dreams, whatever they are, whoever we are and wherever we come from. Bravo Jayne Lyons!

I give it 5 Manic Dead Zombies." - Stephen Curry


In a world awash with information, it can be hard for parents to find the right resources to help children understand complex issues like climate change, asylum seekers and refugees. But children are keen learners. They hear the true but almost unfathomable stories of families forced to flee their homes for their lives. And they want to know more.

Perth-based author Jayne Lyons wrote Z for Zanto to help parents and children empathise with children who are searching for freedom and safety, and to understand the challenges they face. All proceeds from sales of the book go to Save the Children’s work in supporting children to dream and make their own future. 

To celebrate Book Week 2020, upon purchasing this book you will receive printable mask’s of Zanto and Nala direct to your inbox complete with costume suggestions and instructions.

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Jayne Lyons is an internationally published, award winning children’s author.     You can find out about her other books, film, and tv projects on her website at https://www.jaynelyons.com/