Angel Puss Colleen McCullough

Angel Puss Colleen McCullough

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I wouldn′t walk on coals of fire for any man, but Flo? She′s my angel puss. My child.

It′s 1960, and twenty-one-year-old Harriet ignores her father′s warning that ′only fools, Bohemians and tarts live at Kings Cross′ and moves into Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz′s rooming house. There she learns about men, love, and tarot cards.

But it is mute four-year-old Flo who captures Harriet′s heart, and who teaches her that protecting those you care for most can be hardest of all.

Angel Puss vividly evokes the dynamism and passions of a Kings Cross that has gone. It is also the story of women′s love for children, and the sacrifices a woman will make to protect and nurture a beloved child.