Bad Boy  Olivia Goldsmith

Bad Boy Olivia Goldsmith

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Tracie loves those musician types in leather jackets. She's got a weakness for classic bad boys who seem too good to be true ... and usually are.

Jon, on the other hand, loves Tracie--and not "just as a friend." But Jon is no bad boy. He's about as good as they come: a khaki-clad tech whiz with stock options in the bank who visits not only his own mother on Mother's Day, but all his father's ex-wives, too.

Then, fed up with his forlorn love life, he convinces a skeptical Tracie to teach him some tricks of the trade. With an artful makeover, she succeeds in turning him into a heartbreakingly hot bad boy, and soon it seems half of Seattle's women want Jon to themselves.

Including Tracie...