BloodHound  Jay R  Bonasinga

BloodHound Jay R Bonasinga

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Charlotte Vickers is a psychic, and for years she has helped the police solve missing-persons cases... unfortunately most of them discovered already dead.  That is why she is so reluctant to help the little woman who turns up on her doorstep, begging for help.  Natalie claims she is desperately seeking her vanished boyfriend, and even produces a good-luck charm he used to wear.  But Charlotte quickly senses that the boyfriend is not only alive and well in Colorado, but happily married with two young children.  Absolutely no reason for her to intervene...

That's when Natalie turns extremely nasty.  The missing man, Paul Lattamore, has been deliberately stashed away in a Witness Protection - after providing vital evidence against Natalie's father, the brutal mobster John Fabionne.  Now she is desperate to have Lattamore hunted down and eliminated.  And Charlotte has clearly sussed a lot more than she's ready to disclose.

As Charlotte gives Fabionne's heavies the slip and takes off across country to save herself and the Lattamores, she instigates a terrifying chase filled with torure and murder- while desperately calling upon all the psychic gifts at her disposal.