Buckhorn Legacy   Lori Foster

Buckhorn Legacy Lori Foster

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Emma Clark is back in Buckhorn. Once she was the bad girl — and did everything to get Casey Hudson into bed. He was the cutest guy in town, and the only one who cared about her.

Before, it was hard for Casey to resist Emma and now it’s impossible! But Emma shutting him out — and Casey needs to convince her that their attraction isn’t just leftover teenage lust, but his real love for a woman…

Back To Buckhorn

Leaving Buckhorn was the best thing Zoey Hodge did. Now she’s back to take care of her mum. She doesn’t mind seeing Garrett Hudson, one of the few who cared for her. Now he’s a firefighter with a very tempting sexy charm.

Garret fell for witty and brave Zoey long ago and he’s falling even faster now. He believes there are many reasons for Zoey to stay. Her business. Her mum. And a chance for Garret to prove that he is her real-life hero…