Chaff n' Skaffs  Mai and the lost Moskivvy  Amand Chin and Luke Feldman

Chaff n' Skaffs Mai and the lost Moskivvy Amand Chin and Luke Feldman

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Feldman s artwork blends the classic stylings of 1950s Disney with a modern design sensibility to create something both cutting edge and timeless. Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
A Dazzling Celebration of Childhood ... A touching tale that teaches children the importance of family, friendship and love, the book is packed with vibrant, colourful illustrations and incredible creatures... As you follow the adventures of these three intrepid voyageurs, you can't help but fall in love with the dazzling hues, exotic animals and intriguing storyline that splash the pages of this book. So celebrate the true meaning of being a kid, and order a copy of this gem of a book for the little ones in your family. "Chic Today"
When a lost mosquito interrupts young Mai s sleep, her friend Chaff suggests they escort Moskivvy home. So begins a courageous girl s voyage into a fantastic and colorful world. Guided by Chaff, Mai s incredible journey will kindle readers' imaginations.
"I appreciate that Feldman and Chin play homage to Feldman's Australian heritage, by including some colloquial language and native animals. "Chaff n' Skaffs" will lift imaginations, and is certainly an alluring feast for the eyes." - Children s Book Review
fans of Luke Feldman s art style are in for a real treat when it comes to this book. Mai was my favorite character. She is super kawaii and I love her many facial expressions that pretty much help solidify her moments of happiness, excitement and fear. In addition to Mai, I really loved the numerous unnamed personalities that the trio meet throughout their adventures the monks, lady bugs and spiders were too cute for words - IheartCoolStuff
"The story of a pretty girl, an unidentifiable faithful friend and a dapper lost mosquito is easy to follow, but the colourful, detailed illustrations are what makes this book a page-turner. "Art Moco"