Come to Grief  Dick Francis

Come to Grief Dick Francis

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Although more than a decade has passed since the publication of Whip Hand, little time has elapsed in Sid Halley's life. Still in his mid-thirties, he remains troubled, courageous, unwilling to admit defeat to disabling injury or to corruption. Now, though, Sid faces nineties' dilemmas, dangers, and deeply demanding decisions. "I had this friend that everyone loved, and I put him on trial...I grieved for the loss of a friendship, and for the man who looked the same but was different, alien...despicable. I could more easily have grieved for him dead." Having exposed an adored racing figure as a monster, Sid must testify at the man's trial. But the morning of his appearance, a tragic suicide shatters the proceedings and jars Halley's conscience. Plagued by regret and the suspicion that there's more to the death than has yet come to light, he is catapulted into days of hard, rational detection, heart-searching torments, and the gravest of perils. Business as usual for Sid.