Control your own Super Fund Paul Clithero with Peter Crump

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Your superannuation is one of the biggest assets many of us will ever own, and it will play a critical role in our future plans. But do you know enough about your super, and are you in control of your investment? Control Your Own Super Fund enables you to take control of your financial future. Expert adviser Paul Clitheroe breaks through the confusion and changing laws of superannuation, and provides advice on how to get the most from your investment. He tackles all the common questions on super how much you'll need, what strategies exist to create it and what super choices are available and shares all you need to know about starting your own super fund- Is DIY super right for you? What are the steps and costs involved in setting up your own fund? What rules and regulations do you need to meet to stay within the law? What investments strategies can you follow to optimise your super? How do you improve your after-tax outcome? More and more Australians each year are opting to manage their own superannuation. Control Your Own Super Fund is essential reading for anyone contemplating DIY super.