Decorative Cross Stitch  Maria Diaz

Decorative Cross Stitch Maria Diaz

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Cross stitch has long been one of the most popular styles of needlework. This text provides a collection of cross stitch designs, aimed at needleworkers of all levels and experience. This book contains over 40 designs, or motifs, each of which is shown on two or three different projects, so that by using the same motif a whole range of items can be personalized. Each design gives information on materials needed and a clear symbol chart which should make stitching the designs straightforward, even for the beginner. There are photographs showing the decorated items and their variations which should be a source of inspiration for the reader. Choose from a range of designs, from pretty and elegant motifs for bedlinen to bright colours for a kitchen or pantry or fun motifs for children's items. The designs and projects in this book can be used to create personalized gifts for friends and family, from a pretty bluebird stitched on to a trinket box to a baby's play mat in gingham checks.