Eco Warriors to the Rescue  Tania McCartney

Eco Warriors to the Rescue Tania McCartney

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Join Banjo, Matilda and Ned on a magical adventure into the Australian native landscape via a series of historic, beautifully-rendered botanical paintings. Entering the pages of their favourite book, the children interact with all manner of Australian flora including Kangaroo Paw, Wattle and Eucalypt. Along the way, these intrepid warriors seek ‘tips’ to ensure the survival of our native landscape for generations to come. Can these eco-warriors help save our native flora from extinction? 

Tips about caring for the environment include: 
• Don’t litter 
• Tread carefully whilst bushwalking 
• Never pick native flowers 
• Keep our waterways clean 
• Plant native trees and shrubs … and many more … 

Combining modern photography with historical artworks from the archives of the National Library, Eco Warriors to the Rescue! makes our beautiful collection of botanical art accessible to the very young. The book also includes interesting facts about Australian flora, as well as floral emblems and birth months, and further ideas on how to keep Australian green. 

Tania McCartney is an author and editor, with a deep passion for children’s books and literacy. She founded the popular website Kids Book Review, and is an experienced magazine writer and editor. Tania was an ambassador for the National Year of Reading 2012. Tania has lived and worked in England, France and China. She adores paper, travel and photography, and currently lives in Canberra with her husband, two kids and a mountain of books.