Hawke's Cove  Susan Wilson

Hawke's Cove Susan Wilson

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"Lovable" is the way "Entertainment Weekly" described Susan Wilson's debut novel, and Library Journal raved, ""Beauty" is wonderful...a little gem." Now the acclaimed author delivers a stunning new tale of passion, loss, and remembrance as the paths of a World War II wife and a handsome stranger cross in the little New England town known as Hawke's Cove. The year is 1944. After the loss of her first child, Evangeline Worth returns to her beloved grandmothers farm in Hawke's Cove. Once the enchanting place of her youth, this small coastal town is now a sanctuary for her solitude. With her husband, John, across the Atlantic on the war front, Vangie does the best she can to put her life, and heart, back together. All of that changes one day when a man appears on her doorstep searching for work.

Joe Green looks able enough, and though she wanders why he isn't in the service, Vangie takes him in on instinct. As a rich friendship develops between them, the Army informs Vangie that John is MIA. At the same time, rumors in town circulate about a downed Hellcat plane and its missing pilot. Smoothing away each other's loneliness, Vangie and Joe fed their relationship deepening into a forbidden passion. Then John is suddenly found alive, and the lovers separate -- but cannot bear to sever their bond.

In 1993, Vangie's son Charlie lands a plum reporting assignment: to unlock the puzzle of the recently dredged-up Hellcat in Hawke's Cove. To investigate the fifty-year-old mystery, he heads to Hawke's Cove, where he meets respected local Joe Green and his daughter, Maggie. As a romantic relationship blossoms between Charlie and Maggie, Vangie and Joe realize that they must open up thepast -- and the secrets they'd buried along with it.

A mesmerizing tale of joy and sorrow, misbegotten dreams and desires, "Hawke's Cove" is peopled with characters who are at once mysterious and unabashedly revealing. With a rare capacity for love and forgiveness, they draw us into their lives through their most private journals, letters, and inner thoughts. Susan Wilson's tenderly crafted love story is guaranteed to leave readers with an intense desire to explore their own hearts.