Hornet's Nest Patricia Cornwell

Hornet's Nest Patricia Cornwell

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Omnibus Edition of Two Number One Bestsellers.
Hornet's Nest - Deputy Chief Virginia West has a mood to match the heat of the city of Charlotte. Another out-of-town businessman has been found murdered in his hire car, a wise-ass detective has taken her parking slot, the new police headquarters still resembles a construction site & her boss is telling her to go out on patrol as escort to a rookie repoter.
Southern Cross - In this intoxicating sequel to Hornet's Nest, the passionate, vulnerable but always professional trio of Judy Hammer, Virginia West & Andy Brazil has been hired by the city of Richard, Virginia, to tackle its soaring crime rate. In the face of overwhelming public scrutiny, undermined by corruption & by the jealous apathy of their peers, they must bring order & sanity to a city in trouble.