Italian Bachelors Steamy Seductions  Sara Craven  Catherine George  Michelle Celmer

Italian Bachelors Steamy Seductions Sara Craven Catherine George Michelle Celmer

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The Forced Bride - Sara Craven

When Emily Blake innocently kissed formidable Italian count Rafaele Di Salis, she didn’t know that she was bound by her late father’s wishes to marry him. Emily agreed to be the count’s wife, but only until she reached twenty-one…

Count Rafaele has bided his time. He’s kept his passions under iron control for two years — his bride was young and he did not want to claim her until she was woman enough to handle him. But now she has come of age, she will be his!

Dante’s Unexpected Legacy - Catherine George

The night that Rose Palmer met enigmatic Italian tycoon Dante Fortinari she threw caution to the wind, allowing him to sweep her off her feet and into his bed! But by the next morning Dante was gone, leaving Rose heartbroken, alone…and pregnant.

Two years later, Rose comes face-to-face with the father of her daughter and can no longer hide the truth of that night. She knew he’d be angry, but never expected him to demand marriage! She longs to accept, but can her heart withstand life with a man who might never love her back?

Caroselli’s Baby Chase - Michelle Celmer

‘You can’t start the New Year without a kiss.’ When those words lead to a delicious one-night stand, consultant Caroline Taylor’s fate is sealed. Because she soon finds out her seducer is Caroselli Chocolate’s marketing director — and her new job is to overhaul his division. But what if she’s pregnant with Robert Caroselli’s baby?

If necessary, Rob will do right and make his dreamy corporate nemesis his wife. But his marriage plan will never succeed without the secret ingredient — true love