Italian Bachelors  Unforgotten Lovers  Lynn Raye Harris  Janette Kenny  Elizabeth Power

Italian Bachelors Unforgotten Lovers Lynn Raye Harris Janette Kenny Elizabeth Power

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The Change In Di Navarra’s Plan - Lynn Raye Harris

It’s been a long time since aspiring perfumer Holly Craig naively gave in to the practised charms and false promises of playboy Drago di Navarra. Now, as the face of his next cosmetics campaign, Holly will prove she’s a more than worthy adversary for the intoxicating CEO…

On the surface Drago is the epitome of precision and power. Yet he is haunted by the memory of a seemingly innocent girl and the moment he discovered she was just like all the rest. But Drago’s about to uncover the secret Holly’s been hiding, and all of his carefully laid plans will come undone!

Bound By The Italian’s Contract - Janette Kenny

Physiotherapist Caprice Tregore steels herself as she prepares to meet the man she vowed never to see again. She needs his help, and she can only guess at what the captivating Luciano Duchelini will demand in return.

Luciano needs Caprice to ensure his brother’s recovery. But two months in her company shows that the tantalising attraction he turned his back on years before is still there, and this time he’s determined to satisfy his every desire…regardless of the cost.

Visconti’s Forgotten Heir - Elizabeth Power

At her job interview, single mum Magenta James feels as if her life is finally back on track after suffering from amnesia. Until she meets Andreas Visconti’s familiar sapphire gaze across the desk.

Magenta knows the Italian CEO is the father of her child, but when she doesn’t get the job it’s clear they parted on bad terms. Then he offers her a new role…as his very personal assistant! Now she will have to rearrange the scattered puzzle of her memory in order to make sense of the sensual tension that burns between them…