Journey to Balboa Tree - Krys Latham

Journey to Balboa Tree - Krys Latham

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The true story of two children’s epic journey from Eastern Poland to Siberia, their eventual escape to Persia and finally to Africa during World War Two.
Their gripping stories of those war years are narrated here on two parts and tell of resourcefulness, faith and humour even in the darkest times. They are truly unforgettable.

A story of courage, extreme survival and endurance that in the end becomes a love story.

Alinka’s family lived in a small river town in Eastern Poland where her father was chief of police. Witek’s father was a forest keeper in the remote forest regions bordering Russia.
When the war began in September 1939, the Soviets, allied for the first two years of the war with the Nazis, invaded Eastern Poland and deported over one and a half million Polish people in cattle trucks to the frozen wastelands of the Soviet Union. A million died in the deportations. Against all odds, Witek and Alinka survived and escaped. They meet for the first time in Africa, under a Baobab tree.