Know Thyself  Dr Craig Hassed

Know Thyself Dr Craig Hassed

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A conscious and considered approach to life beckons us to do more than just survive the stresses of daily life. It calls us to thrive, that is, to live happy, full and productive lives. For thousands of years every culture has had its approaches to living more conscious and fulfilled lives. These approaches have not been around for so long because they don't work. One particularly effective method experiencing a modern renaissance is called "Mindfulness." This book incorporates mindfulness in a practical, simple and direct way to enhance mental and physical wellbeing, relationships and productivity. It is new in the sense that it is situated in a contemporary context and based on current research evidence, but it is also very old in the sense that the principle and practices on which it is based have been tested over many centuries. Mindfulness is the classification of meditation practices, known as vipassana or insight meditation. In the practice of mindfulness, you begin by utilising one-pointed attention to cultivate calmness and stability, but then you move beyond that by introducing a wider scope to the observing, as well as an element of inquiry. When thoughts or feelings come up in your mind, you don't ignore them or suppress them, nor do you analyse or judge their content. Rather, you simply note any thoughts as they occur as best you can and observe them intentionally but nonjudgmentally, moment by moment, as the events in the field of your awareness.