Marine Aquarium  Vincent B. Hargreaves

Marine Aquarium Vincent B. Hargreaves

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Now anyone can successfully construct and maintain a natural-looking coral reef aquarium in their home. This ground-breaking reference book shows how to set up a marine aquarium and describes in detail over 700 plant and animal species that make up a coral reef. The book opens with a brief description of reefs and the creatures that inhabit them. A practical section deals with the technical side of the hobby, offering information on up-to-the-minute equipment and practices. Part Three describes and illustrates over 75 species of algae that can be used to decorate a reef or marine aquarium. The fish directory gives detailed descriptions, Latin and common names, and aquarium suitability for 250 coral fish. "At-a-glance" symbols provide a quick insight into how these fish can be maintained in peak condition. An extensive listing of invertebrate species follows, with advice on how to cater to their special requirements.