Married Alive  Julie Burchill

Married Alive Julie Burchill

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Nicole is your average 1990s babe: fun-loving, hard-drinking, independent, sassy. She's met Mr Right, sexy photographer Matt, and they share a cool loft conversion in London's Docklands. Nicole's life is most definitely sorted - until she decides to rescue her gran, Liza, from a fate worse than death (an old people's home) and brings her back to the Docklands Loft.

When Matt returns from a photoshoot, expecting Nicole's enthusiastic welcome, and finds Liza, minus her false teeth but ready and willing, he is less than amused. And when Nicole suspects Matt is having an affair with a page-three model, and her gran appears, to prefer the company of a twelve-year-old nymphet she picked up in the streets, things go from bad to worse. Is this a case of Hell being other people? Or is she well on the way to being buried - or married - alive?