Marsha mellow And Me  Maria Beaumont

Marsha mellow And Me Maria Beaumont

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Amy holds down a pretty dull job at 'Working Girl', a freebie mag which sounds as though it ought be the preferred read of escorts, streetwalkers and lap dancers but is in fact full of ads that try to make toiling for some dreary accountant seem as glamorous as being PA to George Clooney.

She whiles away the time by watching her sexy boss's bum - the bum that in several fantasies she has already married and had children with. But Amy's life isn't all that it seems, in fact she is keeping The Biggest Secret in the World, Ever, a secret that will shame her to her family and friends and that she mustn't ever, ever, ever let out.

In the mad, bad days following her break up with the gorgeous but despicable Jake, Amy took a pseudonym and wrote a novel detailing the incredible sexploits of one Donna Sanderson, the "Indiana Jones of Shagging", a book that "pits fresh-faced girly wit against sweaty pelvis-pounding eroticism" ('Cosmopolitan'), "subverts the chick-lit genre with a coruscating shock of raw, hard sex" ('Time Out'), and "disgusts this reviewer to the very core of his being" ('Daily Telegraph').

Published with little fanfare, 'Rings On Her Fingers' (the title makes sense when you get to Chapter 22) scarcely made a dent in the bookshops, but now the 'Daily Mail' wants to discover who the author is of the book which is threatening to corrupt the nation's youth . . .

Amy is in big, big trouble - her mum and dad don't even know she smokes, let alone knows enough to write a pornographic book . . .