Mediterranean Nights Before Dawn Volume 2  Marisa Carroll  Karen Kendall  Dorien Kelly

Mediterranean Nights Before Dawn Volume 2 Marisa Carroll Karen Kendall Dorien Kelly

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Breaking All The Rules - Marissa CarollMissing a huge scoop is a reporter's worst nightmare. That's reality for sports journalist Lola Sandler when she boards the cruise ship, Alexandra's Dream. During the break of a big scandal at home, Lola is watching waves break in the Mediterranean. Luckily for her, a bigger story is waiting for her on the ship.Four years ago, pro golfer Eric Lashman walked off the green of the Masters Tournament and left professional golf forever. Now, he teaches golf on the cruise. When Lola recognises him, it's a chance for a career-making expose. But their attraction forces her to make a choice: write a news story or live a love story.An Affair To Remember - Karen Kendall Captain Nikolas Pappas is used to navigating Alexandra's Dream through rough waters. But he could never steer his heart in the right direction since he ran out on the only woman he loved. The daughter of a shipping tycoon, Helena Stamos lived a life of privilege while Nikolas was a lowly deckhand…Now, after fifteen years of heartbreak - as suddenly as he had left her - Nick is back in Helena's life. Though they have both moved on with their lives, the pull of their attraction hasn't weakened. But even if they can see beyond their past and resolve their different lifestyles - Nick left her once. What's to stop him from leaving her again?Below Deck - Dorien KellyWhen Mei Lin Wang met social activist Wei Chan she knew it was fate. But three years later, she was a widow with a newborn son after a suspicious illness claimed Wei's life. Still convinced of their shared destiny, Lin will avenge Wei and continue his work, but she also protect her son from those responsible for her husband's death.Since working on the cruise ship Alexandra's Dream, Lin hid her son below deck. It's a game of hide-and-seek with the ship's security officer, Gideon Dayan, who is interested in the mysterious Lin. But Gideon also sees his own haunted past when he looks at Lin...and she can't let her past go. Will they face the future together?