New Crafts  Creative Plasterwork  Stephanie Harvey

New Crafts Creative Plasterwork Stephanie Harvey

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Few craft materials are cheaper to buy or easier to work with than plaster, and by mastering and using a few simple techniques you can turn this humble material into gloriously inspiring objects and artefacts. No expensive equipment is required - plaster dries naturally and does not need kiln-firing - so all you need to get started is a bag of plaster, a few simple materials and some basic shaping tools. The book shows how to make articles such as shells, fruit, animals, masks, wall plaques and bows; practical objects such as containers, candle holders, frames and bookends; and how to restore damaged frames. There is also advice on finishing techniques - from painting and gilding to weathering, distressing and varnishing. The book presents the craft of plastering in a beautifully inspirational form.