No Bears  Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge

No Bears Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge

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Ruby is in charge of this book. And she'll tell you something right now. There are NO BEARS in it. Not even one. Ella wants to tell you a story - a story with absolutely no bears. You don't need bears for a book. You need pretty things like fairies and princesses and castles and maybe funny things and exciting things. In Ella's kind of story, there are no bears in the village or the castle or the deep dark forest or faraway lands. But there might be...a monster! Riffing on well-known fairy-tale themes, this fun-packed, offbeat story is perfectly matched by playful illustrations whose running visual joke will keep even bear-lovers smiling. It is a humorous and exciting picture book from Meg McKinlay, with illustrations by Leila Rudge - the team who created Duck for a Day. The multilayered text and illustrations will have kids reading the book again and again. Readers will enjoy spotting the well-known fairy-tale references studded throughout.