Person Of Interest  Theresa Schwegel

Person Of Interest Theresa Schwegel

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Married to an undercover cop, Leslie MacHugh is lonely and bored. She thinks she knows what it means to share her life with a man who spends his days living a lie, who keeps secrets for a living, who trusts no one, not even her. But lately something has changed. He comes home late, sleeps on the sofa and she can't remember the last time they had a real conversation. She's starting to question what she really knows about her husband and his second life. And when a thousand dollars goes missing form their joint account, she wants answers. But before she can even ask the questions, their seventeen-year-old daughter turns up at the centre of her husband's own investigation into a violent death. Leslie's determined to get to the truth, but to find it, she must put her own and her entire family's lives at risk.