Plucking the Apple  Elizabeth Palmer

Plucking the Apple Elizabeth Palmer

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In this novel of modern manners - or the lack of them - a Chelsea dinner party at the home of gallery owners James and Victoria Harting sets in motion a chain of events that will leave none of the guests unscathed. Artist Jack Carey is the guest of honor, along with Ellen, his long-suffering wife, whose job it is to keep Jack's mind off of other women and on his paintings. But the evening ends with Jack slipping James's exotic sister, Tessa, his business card, much to the despair of Tessa's love-sick husband, Alexander. Casting a cool eye over the proceedings is Ginevra, Victoria's intellectual, fiercely plain university friend. Her detached gaze absorbs the subtle nuances at work beneath the conversational hum, but even she cannot foresee the shocking events about to unfold.