Remote Control  Jack Heath

Remote Control Jack Heath

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Agent Six of Hearts is back in another high-octane adventure, and this time - it's personal!

The evil Methryn Crexe, the mastermind behind the superhuman assassin project, has been rescued from the Deck's supposedly impenetrable prison. The Deck agents follow his trail to a disused apartment block where they are ambushed by a highly trained, mysterious army. At the height of the fierce shootout, Kyntak, Six's clone, is kidnapped.

As Six scours the City for his brother, a strange girl appears as his protector; he becomes increasingly aware of a sinister power; the Deck is put into lockdown - and the clock ticks steadily against Kyntak's life.

Once again, Six of Hearts is on the run: from his past, his fellow agents, even his own DNA...