School Bag Kit

School Bag Kit

  • $20.00


This back-to-school kit is filled with notepads, pencils and crayons and could make a big difference to children who have had to flee their home to escape a conflict or disaster.

Education is a powerful thing in an emergency. Amid the chaos, education gives hope and can help children overcome the horrors they’ve seen. It’s not just about words and numbers, reading and writing, it’s about children’s wellbeing. It gives them a chance to be kids again.

How this gift helps

Each Little Helper gift represents a way that Save the Children will assist disadvantaged children in Australia and around the world. Your donation will be used where it is needed most to support our long-term projects and emergency relief work.

When you buy a Little Helper, we’ll send you a card to give to your friend or family member. Each card includes a description about how their gift will benefit children in need.

This card will be posted to you.