Seduced By The Billionaire  Emma Darcy  Sarah Morgan  India Grey

Seduced By The Billionaire Emma Darcy Sarah Morgan India Grey

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The Billionaire’s Scandalous Marriage - Emma Darcy

Damien Wynter was as handsome and arrogant as sin. Heiress Charlotte didn’t need his dark, primitive sensuality in her life, until the man she’d planned to marry disappointed her, and Damien offered a challenge: let him wed her and get her pregnant!

It was all about winning to Damien, but Charlotte wanted a baby. If surrendering to him meant she could win, too…why not accept his scandalous offer?

Public Wife, Private Mistress - Sarah Morgan

Only one woman can help arrogant Rico Crisanti’s injured sister: his estranged wife, Anastasia. In public, Rico demands that Stasia be the perfect wife — loyal, doting and faithful. In private, she will be a slave to his passionate demands. However, Rico hadn’t bargained on becoming infatuated with Stasia. Stasia fears that once Rico’s sister recovers she will be cast aside. Will her role as Rico’s wife be over for good?

At The Argentinean Billionaire’s Bidding - India Grey

Argentinean billionaire Alejandro D’Arienzo has fresh prey: heiress Tamsin Calthorpe. He sees her as a ravishing but spoiled beauty who destroyed his past — and he’s ready to settle the score!

What Alejandro doesn’t know is that Tamsin loved him, hiding her naïveté under the guise of wilful sophistication. Now a talented designer, she’s working hard to prove herself, despite her pedigree. But her credibility is in the hands of merciless Alejandro, who offers an ultimatum: her name in ruins, or her body in his bed…