Shadow Bound  Deborah Kalin

Shadow Bound Deborah Kalin

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In winning back her throne from her conquerer husband, Dieter, Matilde of the House of Svanaten has swapped one leash for another...

Sidonius, the man she has been forced to swear a vow of vassalage to in exchange for his military support, is the famed slave-born general of the Ilthean empire, and has conquered every land he's invaded - including Matilde's.

Worse, although Dieter has fled, he is not yet defeated. His forces launch strike after strike, sorely testing Matilde's new and uncertain hold on power. Every day he remains uncaptured drives Matilde deeper into the debt of the Ilthean empire.

And the empire does not look kindly on vassals who try to secede. But Matilde does not look kindly on those who would bind her to their will - and Sidonius has under-estimated her...