Something Delicious  Jill Lewis  Ali Pye

Something Delicious Jill Lewis Ali Pye

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Somewhere, not so far away, there's a cave filled with wonderful creatures called the Little Somethings, which is unfortunate, because the Greedy Guzzler is looking for a little something to satisfy his appetite

The poor Little Somethings are terrified of being eaten! But the Greedy Guzzler is very particular. He doesn't want any old little something. He doesn't want anything skinny, nor anything with wings or nasty stings. Which just leaves the Miniwiggler and Skiddadler. The Miniwiggler will have to use all his cunning in order to escape the Greedy Guzzler's clutches! Children will have fun pointing out the different characters with the Spotters Guide, and following the recipe for Nosh Biscuits.