Summer Things  Joseph Connolly

Summer Things Joseph Connolly

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A hilariously deranged trip to the further shores of lust, snobbery and adultery, Summer Things is the new comedy by one of Britain's funniest novelists. Compared to the likes of Kingsley Amis and Tom Sharpe, Connolly's unforgiving brand of prose, reveling in the grotesqueries of everyday human behavior, is achingly funny.

Elizabeth has her heart set on a traditional English seaside vacation (five-star all the way, naturally), and her oh-so-well-to-do husband Howard agrees to pay, because that is largely what Howard is for. Their neighbor Dotty, who envies Elizabeth's lifestyle, determines on the very same vacation, but Dotty's impoverished husband comes up with an appalling alternative (don't even ask). Single parent Melody is going to the seaside too, to say nothing of despicable Miles McInerney: action is what he wants. In other words, hell is about to break loose.