Taste of Life - Julie Stafford

Taste of Life - Julie Stafford

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In Taste of Life, Julie Stafford's imaginative culinary flair combines with the sense of the farmed PRITIKIN lifestyle diet to bring you this rarity: a life-sustaining, health cookbook which you will delight in using everyday and on all occasions. 

Julie shows, not only how every encounter with food, from breakfasts, school lunches, dinner parties, children's parties, snacks, drinks, cakes, to picnics, can be met with a delicious challenge to EAT and COOK. 
HEALTHILY, but also how these meals can be simply and quickly prepared as well as beautifully presented.

Never before have healthy meals appeared so appealing and 24 colour photos will further entice your appetite and fire your enthusiasm.
This is the only cookbook you'll need to ensure that you, your family and your friends will be eating the best food in the best way.