That Devil Called Love  Lynda Chater

That Devil Called Love Lynda Chater

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Would you strike a deal with the Devil?

Frumpy, fifty-something Harriet meets the Devil on the day she is sacked from her job at the public library.  He wants her soul, and in exchange offers her youth and beauty - two things she feels in dire need of right now.  Alright, she's feeling fed up, lonely and un loveable.  But it's a ridiculous idea, and how can she possibly take it seriously?  Twenty-four hours later, in California, a stunningly beautiful young woman regains consciousness in hospital bed. she's got looks but no money, a dead-end job, and a bizarre collection of friends and family.

She's Harriet, metamorphosed into 'Cindy'.  And suddenly she's got a lot of sorting out to do.