The Azanian Assignment - Iain Finlay

The Azanian Assignment - Iain Finlay

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The year is 1981, and Tony Bartlett, an Australian journalist stationed in Johannesburg of a South African air-On a hunch, he heads for Tanzania. There he runs into an exiled black South African revolutionary he once knew in London, follows him onto the night train for Dar es Salaam, uncovers some very suspicious goings-on, and is nearly shoved out an open window by an unknown assailant. 

So begins an enormously exciting novel about the climax of the situation that has for decades been seething in South Africa-known as Azania to its black revolutionaries-and which finally explodes when Tiny Bartlett, following his narrow escape, arrives in Johannesburg. Faced with guerrilla warfare by heavily armed and skilfully trained urban terrorists, a kidnapping, and finally an invasion from across the borders, the all white government initiates desperate repressive measure. In the midst of the turmoil, a handful of the white elite sets in motion an incredible conspiracy to smuggle the nation's gold reserves to Switzerland. Tony learns about the scheme and, in trying to expose it, runs afoul of BOSS, the dreaded South Africana Bureau of State Security. 

This intricately plotted, fast-paced, and excruciatingly suspended novel is a thrilling adventure with he authenticity and impact of tomorrow's headlines.