The Comings and Goings of David Beckham

The Comings and Goings of David Beckham

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Very few celebrities can boast that they possess both style and elegance, but David Beckham towers over all in both regards. Mainly known for being one of the greatest soccer players in the world and being a husband of one of the former Spice Girls, David is widely regarded by fashion critics for his keen sense of fashion with his cloths and hairstyles. In this breathtaking softcover book page after page is filled with wonderful photographs of David throughout the years captured by some of the most reknowned photographers around. David has always been willing to allow the paparazzi to snap photos of himself with his cool demeanor and this book contains many beautiful shots. One can actually learn a few things about how to dress by viewing this book. Keep in mind this is simply a photo book, not a collection of writings or writeups on Beckham, although at the bottom of the photos it is listed where the pics were taken and in what context.