The Fabulous Fantora Photographs  Adele Geras

The Fabulous Fantora Photographs Adele Geras

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A welcome reissue for this wonderful, witty, offbeat book by Adele Geras.

Every member of the Fantora family is a little unusual and possesses a very special gift. Grandmother Filomena can predict the future; her son, Eddie, can grow anything; her daughter-in-law, Rosie, is a cook in a million who can also fly; while Auntie Varvara is a vegetarian
vampire in search of Romance. The children, Bianca, Marco, and Francesca, also have strange powers which they use in a variety of ways, often with unexpected and hilarious results.

All this is narrated in his own inimitable style by Ozymandias, the rather superior cat who lives with the family.