The Future Makers. Australian Wines for the 21st Century: Max Allen

The Future Makers. Australian Wines for the 21st Century: Max Allen

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The Future Makers is a groundbreaking new work by wine writer Max Allen, set to redefine AustraliaOCOs wine landscape for the new century. As global warming and continued drought threaten the state of the Australian wine industry, many winemakers are beginning to think long-term, and in doing so are starting to better understand the unique relationship they have with their vine-growing land. The Future Makers takes you around the country and introduces you to the areas and the people shaping AustraliaOCOs wine future. Regional chapters feature in-depth profiles of top winemakers OCo those who are upholding valuable traditions, those who are setting the standard for varietal wine quality and those who are at the cutting edge of innovation OCo plus tasting notes for all of their best wines. Also included are detailed explanations of why a regionOCOs wines taste the way they do: a portrait of soils, climate, grape varieties and cultural influences that contribute to the singular qualities of AustraliaOCOs diverse wine styles. Throughout the book youOCOll find extended discussions of the controversies and debates moulding AustraliaOCOs new wine tradition, and an exploration of the major issues and challenges facing AustraliaOCOs grape growers and winemakers. At the heart of The Future Makers is a celebration of the diversity, complexity and unmistakable flavour of AustraliaOCOs wines."