The Great Aussie Barbie Cookbook  Kim Terakes

The Great Aussie Barbie Cookbook Kim Terakes

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The Great Aussie Barbie Cookbook is a must for anyone who has ever prodded a sausage over a flame and dreamed of something more. It covers all the basics of cooking on the barbie, and is full of ideas for delicious dishes to suit any occasion - a family gathering, a special celebration or just a regular school-night meal. Using the best fresh produce available, the recipes are uncomplicated and unfussy, and work every time. There are new takes on some old favourites, from the classic filet mignon to an upmarket surf 'n' turf, as well as a respectful nod to recent arrivals on the barbie scene, such as Thai beef salad and grilled tuna. And it's not just the main courses that get attention. Kim Terakes shows you how to frame the perfect steak with tasty starters, healthy salads and absolutely irresistible desserts. Rediscover the fun of outdoor cooking and learn a few barbecuing tricks that will make you a legend in your own neighbourhood.