The Naked Heart  Mark D'Aebaniville

The Naked Heart Mark D'Aebaniville

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What would it be like to wake in the middle of your life with no memory of what had gone before? Would you run straight back into the past - or would you take this chance to start again - with a naked heart? Anna wakes in a hospital bed, with no memory of anything before the accident that almost took her life four months before. Everyone tells her that her former life was perfect. But as she starts to search for the pieces of the puzzle herself, a completely different picture emerges. This is the story of Anna's journey into herself, into a past she never knew and had never questioned. THE NAKED HUSBAND explored the world of a man who could not face a future he had built for himself. THE NAKED HEART explores a woman's history, and how it has ruled her. Is it possible for people to love us and still have no idea who we really are? Are we the sum of our memories, or do they instead keep us from ourselves? If we abandon our past, can we then, finally, be free? THE NAKED HEART answers many questions raised by its predecessor, but asks very many more.