The Royal Family Gareth Thomas

The Royal Family Gareth Thomas

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For the past 90 years the House of Windsor, through its four successive monarchs, has reigned over the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and 'other realms and territories'. It has borne witness to almost a century of unprecedented social and political change, and has itself undergone substantial modernization.

As Head of State, The Queen continues to have an important part to play in the life of the nation: she and many other members of the Royal Family make regular and extensive visits throughout the UK, meeting the public, supporting the work of charities and other public bodies, recognising excellence in both business and social contexts. Her State duties include the Opening of Parliament and the giving of the Queen's Speech. On the international stage, close links with former colonies are maintained through her role as Head of the Commonwealth, and state visits to all parts of the world help promote international relations.

Including over 700 photographs, this edition chronicles the events during the last nine decades and celebrates the many and remarkable achievements of an extraordinary family.